Indian Cuisine is made of so many different styles of cooking and spices hailing from different corners of the world that it is hard to find all the tastes in a single restaurant. This might be the reason that Indian Pearl Restaurant decided to focus on only North Indian Cuisine. Riding on 23 years of experience, they boast of an extensive menu covering all possible dishes of north India.

Categorized as a takeaway menu, dine-in menu and a lunch menu; their complete menu includes everything from starters like Vegetable Samosa to mains like Mango Chicken. Every dish is cooked meticulously by their experienced chefs by using freshly picked herbs. All their mains are also gluten free barring 4-5 dishes. The people running the restaurant are kind enough to prepare the food exactly to your preferences. You can get this delicious food delivered directly to your doorstep by using Give Me Bread app for placing your order.