If you’re one of those foodies who love Indian cuisine, you might think that another Indian restaurant is the last thing that this world needs because of the barrage of Indian restaurants lately in every other neighbourhood. You will definitely change your opinion after eating the food of Two Fat Indians. The name of this restaurant has become synonymous with crispy naans and sizzling curries. They have reinvented their flavour after the restaurant took a terrible hit in the 2011 earthquake.

The traditional delicious attractions of the restaurant have seen new additions in the form of authentic street food often found in the busy bazaars of India. The weight of showcasing the glory of Indian food rests on the shoulder of their extensive menu, which includes items like Chicken Jaipuri Roll, Gunpowder Aloo, Chicken Yakkhan, Worli Tribe Chicken etc. Cold pints of beer can be matched with their scrumptious dishes to elevate the whole experience. Order with Give Me Bread app to get it delivered to your home.