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Some Of Our Top Restaurants

Bang On Thai

Madam Kwong's

Thai Chef's

Mainland Turkish Kebab

Slick Burgers

Prince of Persia

Corner House

Dragon Garden

Pepper Bridge

Khmer Satay Noodle House

Saigon Star

Meet Fresh

Celine's Bar & Restaurant

Thai Orchid

Madam Kwong’s

Royal Tandoor Sydenham

Royal Tandoor Papanui

Shanghai Street Dumplings

Arin Sushi

Indian Sumner

The China Kitchen

Pedro’s House of lambs

Red Elephant Sydenham

Arjee Bhajee

Bombay Tandoor

Chang Thai

Curry in Hurry

Little Saigon

The Great India Restaurant

Ferry Indians

Nana's Indian Cuisine

Zen Sushi & Dumplings

The Cuban

Pizza at the Reddie

Burgers and beers(Redwood)

Burgers and beers(Sydenham)

Coriander's (Riccarton)

Coriander's (City)

Chichi Kitchen

Erawan Thai

Mushroom Indian Restaurant

Symrose’s Super Fresh

Burger Wisconsin (Cashmere)

Burger Wisconsin (Papanui)

Delhi Belly Indian Restaurant

Two Fat Indians

Tasty Pizza/Fried Chicken/Burger

Southern Spices

Indian Pearl Restaurant

Touch Indian Restaurant

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Favourites Delivered From Just $5.99


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Taste knows no limits or boundaries. Widen your horizons and be a worldwide-foodie. We bring you the flavours and spices of the world in Christchurch. Be it Thai, Afghani, Irani, Cambodian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Spanish, Mexican, or Vietnamese food, we have the needed variety and you have the desire to taste them all. Browse the menu of your favorite restaurants and cafes to customize your order. Join hands with us and let’s make a heaven for foodies together.



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